Lydia Patselas

Lydia Patselas began her training at Dance Theatre of Jacksonville and then continued her dance training with Step Ahead Dance Company throughout high school. She graduated in May of 2018 from East Carolina University’s School of Theatre and Dance program with a degree in Dance Performance and Choreography, Magna Cum Laude. She studied under the instruction of David Ingram, Teal Darkenwald, John Dixon, Tommi Galaska and Galina Panova. Lydia has performed in works choreographed by Tommi Galaska, Teal Darkenwald, Danielle Sheather, David Ingram, John Dixon, Marissa Nesbit, Micah Geyer, and Joe Cotler. She also choreographed several works throughout her college career. Lydia has completed summer training programs at the American Dance Festival in Durham NC, Broadway Dance Center summer intensive in New York City, and the New Dialect summer intensive in Nashville, TN. She also had the opportunity to perform at the 2016 American College Dance Association in West Virginia. Lydia resided in Atlanta, GA from August of 2018 until March of 2020. Lydia was a part of Atlanta Dance Collective throughout her time in Atlanta. She performed in Dance Canvas 2019 Performance Series, FEMMEfest, The Distaff Series, and Imprint with ADC. She has also performed in Fringe Festival in Asheville, NC, and Atlanta, GA. She has performed in the Charlotte Dance Festival in Charlotte, NC, and the Modern Dance Festival in Atlanta, GA. Lydia also choreographed a piece titled “Emulate” for Atlanta Dance Collective’s 5th season performance titled “Raw” in February of 2020. Lydia taught at RISPA School of Performing Arts and taught for Expressions in Motion Dance in Atlanta. In the spring of 2019, Lydia began working with Britt Whitmoyer Fishel on independent performances and projects. She was a part of a project titled Grin, a collaborative work that was performed in Atlanta, GA at the Bakery Atlanta Gallery in July of 2019. Grin was then extended into a film dance project titled allowed|aloud that was premiered virtually in September of 2020 in the Philadelphia Fringe Arts Festival. Lydia resides in Philadelphia, PA and is a graduate student at Drexel University studying Dance/Movement Therapy and Counseling. She also works for Believe Talent Competition during the competition season as a merchandiser. Lydia is excited to be a part of bf and artists and to be included in the Florence Biennale in October of 2021.